chalk-672187_1280Our expertise in strategic growth, planning & program implementation, financial management, operations, and compliance reporting can strengthen your school, so that you can focus on student achievement.

Strategic Growth

Growth is essential.  To stay relevant, schools must continually development and evolve.  But how do you know when your school is ready to grow? When should your school start thinking about growth?  What type of growth initiatives can help your school meet its mission and increase revenue?  Our firm can help answer those questions. We will help you:

  • Determine ways to maximize enrollment.
  • Assess your school’s readiness to replicate by evaluating the effectiveness of its education model, measuring the performance of its operations, and assessing the capabilities of its leadership.
  • Identify potential business initiatives to expand services and increase revenue.

Planning & Program Implementation

Finding time for strategic planning and program implementation is difficult for most leaders; yet completing these projects is crucial for a school’s successful development. Hop Skip has the right experience to help your leaders move high-impact initiatives forward. Here’s how we can hep:

  • Serve as project manager on high-impact, high-risk initiatives.
  • Guide leaders in developing and implementing strategic initiatives.
  • Work with teams to translate your school’s mission and goals into operating plans with clear objectives and quantifiable measurements.
  • Design and implement programs that support your school’s mission.

Financial Management

A school’s overall success is due, in large part, to its strong fiscal practices and sufficient cash reserves. With an extensive background in developing, analyzing, and monitoring budgets, we can provide sound advice to help your school stay within budget and meet financial targets. Examples of our services include:

  • Develop financial protocols to strengthen internal controls, monitor disbursements, and control costs.
  • Guide your leadership team through an effective budget development process to create a strong operating budget and healthy revenue growth.
  • Support school leaders in developing, reviewing, and analyzing financial reports.


To remain viable, schools leaders must build effective business operations and continually improve the efficiency of those operations. We can guide your staff to create and streamline business operations.  We will help your school:

  • Analyze operations; identify costly waste, redundancies, and inefficiencies; and recommend/implement solutions.
  • Identify key operational performance indicators and design effective systems to manage performance levers, trends, and forecasts.
  • Develop easy-to-follow procedures, create or revise operations manuals, and provide one-on-one or group trainings to help staff manage operations successfully.

Compliance Reporting

Public charter schools must submit compliance reports timely and accurately to their governing entities to remain in good standing.  Here’s how we can help your school achieve strong compliance ratings:

  • Ensure that your school submits accurate compliance reports by helping staff analyze and address compliance requirements.
  • Develop and implement a systematic approach to track compliance deadlines, assign staff responsibilities, and ensure timely submission of all compliance-related tasks.
  • Provide transparency by creating a dashboard to highlight accomplishments and identify corrective actions regularly and over time.


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