Small Businesses and Nonprofits

Small business and nonprofit leaders change the world by identifying problems and seeing pens-923600_640solutions. Hop Skip Consulting helps leaders realize those solutions. Our extensive background in strategic planning & business development, financial management, and operations can strengthen your organization, giving you more time to realize and propel your vision.

Strategic Planning & Business Development

  • Guide leaders in developing and implementing strategic initiatives.
  • Work with teams to translate your mission and goals into operating plans with clear objectives and quantifiable measurements.
  • Design and implement initiatives that support your mission.
  • Serve as project manager on high-impact, high-risk initiatives.

Financial Management

  • Develop financial protocols to strengthen internal controls, monitor disbursements, and control costs.
  • Guide your leadership team through an effective budget development process to create a strong operating budget and healthy revenue growth.
  • Support leaders in developing, reviewing, and analyzing financial reports. 


  • Analyze operations; identify costly waste, redundancies, and inefficiencies; and recommend/implement solutions.
  • Work with teams to identify key operational performance indicators and design effective systems to manage performance levers, trends, and forecasts.
  • Develop easy-to-follow procedures, create or revise operations manuals, and provide one-on-one or group trainings to help staff manage operations successfully.

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